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Figure 8 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Figure 8

From: Physiological responses to humic substances as plant growth promoter

Figure 8

SEM of Herbaspirillum seropedicae HRC54 cell attachment and epifluorescence microscopy of gfp -linked H. seropedicae RAM 10 over root surface. SEM comparing H. seropedicae HRC54 cell attachment on the root surface of sugarcane (A) without and (B) with 20 mg C L−1 of humic acids (HA). (C) Epifluorescence microscopy of gfp-linked H. seropedicae RAM 10 colonizing the root hair zone of maize roots as a single cells and (D) differentiation zone of maize root as matured biofilm, both with 20 mg C L−1 of HA.

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