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Table 2 Brazilian crop production during 2012/2013

From: Biobased fibers and materials in Brazil

Product Crop production (103tons) By-products streams Main producing states in Brazil (production/103tons)
Maize 81.007.2 Stover, cobs Mato Grosso (19,893), Paraná (17,642)
Rice 11.746.6 Rusks, straw Rio Grande do Sul (7,933)
Soybean 81.499.4 Glycerin Mato Grosso (23,532.8), Paraná (15,912.4)
Sugarcane 588.915.8 Bagasse, straw, vinasse São Paulo (330,694), Goiás (52,727), Minas Gerais (51,208)
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