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Table 1 The effect of the arachidonic acid-containing preparation on the plant resistance to diseases[42]

From: Arachidonic acid as an elicitor of the plant defense response to phytopathogens

Disease Plant Disease development,%
Control AA preparation Fungicide (polycarbacine)
Late blight Potato 22.3 6.8 5.6
Common scrab Potato 29.5 12.6 16.8
Rhizoctonoise Potato 21.7 10.1 19.4
Cercosporose Sugar beet 36.9 19.8 n.d.
Powdery mildew Grapes 91.0 54.0 n.d.
  1. Note: In control, plants were not subjected to any treatment; ‘n.d.’ stands for ‘not determined’.