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Table 3 Results of an evaluation of second generation of energy cane, compared to the usual commercial hybrid, in Puerto Rico

From: The potential of the energy cane as the main biomass crop for the cellulosic industry

Cultivar Brix (B) Fiber (F) B + F Brix (B) Fiber (F) B + F Stalk
g kg–1 Mg ha–1
L79-1002a 94.0 255.0 349.0 6.6 18.0 24.6 70.7
LCP85-384b 148.0 160.0 308.0 9.6 10.7 20.3 67.6
  1. aEnergy cane from second generation; bCommercial cultivar. Source: Adapted from Samuels et al. [59].