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Figure 3

From: Reduced complexity of multidimensional and diffusion NMR spectra of soil humic fractions as simplified by Humeomics

Figure 3

1H- 1H COSY and 1H- 13C HSQC spectra of the F1 size fraction separated from RES4 by HPSEC. 1H-1H COSY (A, aliphatic and hydroxyalkyl region; B, aromatic region) and 1H-13C HSQC (C) spectra of the F1 size-fraction separated from RES4 by HPSEC. Rectangular regions (1 to 4) in HSQC correspond to the following sets of proton signals: Alkyl CHn (1); CHC = O (2); CHn-X where X = electron-withdrawing group (3); CHn-C = C (4).

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