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Table 10 Total proanthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins per berry in Cabernet Sauvignon from veraison to harvest

From: The effects of early leaf removal and cluster thinning treatments on berry growth and grape composition in cultivars Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon

A - total proanthocyanidins (mg/kg)
DOY 213 222 231
NLR-NCT 3819±511a 4520±87a 5119±1209a
LR-NCT 4928±624a 6072±586ab 5414±1162a
NLR-CT 4257±219a 5245±1006a 6074±802a
LR-CT 4613±150a 7283±1428b 7157±999a
B - proanthocyanidins per berry (mg)
DOY 213 222 231
NLR-NCT 5.01±0.57a 4.90±0.20a 6.04±1.19a
LR-NCT 4.96±0.56a 5.61±0.58ab 6.55±1.53a
NLR-CT 4.40±0.24a 5.78±1.21ab 6.55±1.12a
LR-CT 4.97±0.52a 6.71±1.24b 6.95±1.25a
  1. Treatments: leaf removal-not cluster thinning (LR-NCT), not leaf removal-cluster thinning (NLR-CT), leaf removal-cluster thinning (LR-CT), and control (NLR-NCT).