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Table 2 Berry weight (g) in Vranac

From: The effects of early leaf removal and cluster thinning treatments on berry growth and grape composition in cultivars Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon

DOY 161 172 185 200
A NLR 6.03±1.30a 21.13±1.51a 24.16±1.24a 27.79±3.85a
LR 7.09±1.16a 19.98±2.07a 24.56±1.93a 29.90±3.37a
DOY   213 222 231  
B NLR-NCT 45.30±1.78a 40.73±3.97a 39.48±1.97a  
LR-NCT 40.81±2.66a 38.05±2.25a 40.43±2.18a
NLR-CT 42.54±4.94a 45.53±5.76a 38.36±1.34a
LR-CT 44.43±1.71a 42.24±5.61a 39.19±1.74a
  1. To before veraison (A) and after veraison to harvest (B). Treatments: leaf removal (LR), not leaf removal (NLR), leaf removal-not cluster thinning (LR-NCT), not leaf removal-cluster thinning (NLR-CT), leaf removal-cluster thinning (LR-CT), and control (NLR-NCT).