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Table 3 Yield components and cluster and berry characteristics at harvest recorded in Cabernet Sauvignon and Vranac

From: The effects of early leaf removal and cluster thinning treatments on berry growth and grape composition in cultivars Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon

  Clusters/Vine Yield/vine (kg) Cluster wt (g) Berry wt (g) No of berries/ cluster Compactness index Skins/berry %  
Cabernet Sauvignon NLR-NCT 18 1.48±0.48c 134±3.8b 1.13±0.02b 113±3.3b 0.18±0.01a 17.17±2.1a
LR-NCT 17 0.96±0.33b 117±3.9b 1.13±0.02b 97±3.2ab 0.18±0.01a 20.48±2.3a
NLR-CT 10 0.91±0.32b 163±4.2c 1.08±0.02b 152±3.9c 0.28±0.02b 18.59±2.4a
LR-CT 9 0.56±0.17a 86±4.3a 0.94±0.02a 89±4.4a 0.22±0.02a 17.18±3.5a
Vranac NLR-NCT 13 2.35±0.14b 176±8.0a 1.96±0.03a 89±4.2a 0.45±0.01a 16.10±2.8a
LR-NCT 11 1.82±0.43a 161±8.1a 1.96±0.03a 80±3.6a 0.42±0.01a 19.86±3.0a
NLR-CT 9 1.64±0.28a 170±7.4a 1.94±0.03a 89±4.1a 0.47±0.03a 14.73±3.4a
LR-CT 9 1.27±0.15a 147±8.2a 1.87±0.03a 75±4.5a 0.32±0.01b 16.73±3.2a
  1. Vines subjected to early defoliation (LR-NCT), cluster thinning (NLR-CT), early defoliation and cluster thinning (LR-CT), or control (NLR-NCT).