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Table 6 Total polyphenols and polyphenols per berry in Vranac from berry set to before veraison

From: The effects of early leaf removal and cluster thinning treatments on berry growth and grape composition in cultivars Vranac and Cabernet Sauvignon

A - total polyphenols (mg/kg)
DOY 172 185 200
NLR 3006±401a 2358±148a 1894±326a
LR 3505±147a 2922±295b 2248±357a
B - polyphenols per berry (mg)
DOY 172 185 200
NLR 3.18±0.51a 2.84±0.15a 2.62±0.47a
LR 3.49±0.26a 3.59±0.51b 3.32±0.26b
  1. Treatments: leaf removal (LR) and not leaf removal (NLR).