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Table 2 Time-course variation of soil plant-available P (mg kg−1) measured by the resin method

From: Improving the short-term efficiency of rock phosphate-based fertilizers in pastures by using edaphic biostimulants

Time/days Treatments
Days B RP SSP RP/Trp RP/(HA–Trp)
10 3.7aA 19.7bA 33.6cB 46.9cB 33.2cB
20 11.5aB 24.2cA 21.7cB 16.0bcA 13.5bA
30 5.8aA 17.3bA 14.6bA 12.3bA 17.0bA
  1. Data followed by the same lowercase letter in each row or by the same uppercase letter in each column are not statistically different from each other (Fisher’s test, P < 0.05). Capital letters are used for differences with time within each treatment. Lowercase letters are used for differences among treatments within each time