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Table 1 Monilinia isolates used for generating the reference main spectra (MSP) for this study

From: Direct identification of Monilinia brown rot fungi on infected fruits by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry

Species Isolate Origin Year Host
M. fructicola 11SD14 Switzerland 2011 Apricot
M16 USA 2003 Peach
AS5 France 2003 Apricot
IT3 Italy 2008 Peach
SD14 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
M. laxa E134.5 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
10S1 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
10M14 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
E139.5 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
E57.7 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
M. fructigena 113.A.15.2 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
180 Switzerland 2008 Apricot
E71.1 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
113A8 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
M. polystroma Q1 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
P16 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
C6 Switzerland 2009 Apricot
G4 Switzerland 2010 Apricot
  1. Strains were isolated from infected apricots or peach in the years 2003 or 2008–2011 and maintained on PDA medium. The strains were previously identified and characterized molecularly (Hilber-Bodmer et al. [7], Jänsch et al. [11])