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Table 1 Strains and plasmids (in brackets) used for constructing whole-cell biosensors inserting lux, gfp and β-galactosidase reporter genes responding to different organic and inorganic compounds and elements

From: Light dazzles from the black box: whole-cell biosensors are ready to inform on fundamental soil biological processes

Whole-cell biosensor Signal Target analyte Reference
Organic xenobiotics
 P. fluorescens HK44 (pUTK21) Bioluminescence Naphtalene [55]
 P. putida RB1353/RB1351 (pUTK9) Bioluminescence BTEX [19]
 P. putida RB1401 (pTOL) Bioluminescence BTEX [20]
 P. putida TVA8 (pUTK214) Bioluminescence BTEX [6]
 Stenotrophomonas sp ENV307 (pUTK60) Bioluminescence Alkylsulphonates [73]
 R. eutropha JMP134 (pUTK220) Green fluorescence PCB [49]
 Burkholderia sp (pUCD607) Bioluminescence PCB [15]
 Pseudomonas putida F1 (pUT mini-Tn5 luxCDABE) Bioluminescence PCB [138]
 N. europaea ATCC 19718(pHLUX20) Bioluminescence Alkylsulphonates [11]
 P. fluorescens A506 (pTS) Green fluorescence BTEX [120]
Heavy metals and metalloids
 S. aureus RN4420 (pI258) Bioluminescence As [24]
 C. metallidurans CH34 (pMOL30) Bioluminescence Cd, Zn, Ni [23]
 R. leguminosarum bv trifolii F6 (pUCD607) Bioluminescence Cu [96]
 C. metallidurans AE1239 (pMOL30) Bioluminescence Cr [25]
 P. putida KT2440 (pUT-mer-lux) Bioluminescence Cu [43]
Nutrients and physiologically active molecules
 P. fluorescens 10586 (pP2) Bioluminescence C [67]
 P. fluorescens DF57 N3 (pP2) Bioluminescence N [67]
 P. fluorescens DF57 P9 (pP2) Bioluminescence P [67]
 P. putida KT2440 (pLYS24-davT-lux) Bioluminescence C [34]
 P. fluorescens WCS365 (pMP5291) Bioluminescence Putrescine [68]
 R. leguminosarum 4292 (pIJ1737) (pIJ1730) β-galactosidase Nodulation factors [9]
 R. leguminosarum 3841 (pOT1) Green fluorescence Nodulation factors [2]
 P. fluorescens F113 SF3 (pLS312), SF5 (pLS52) Bioluminescence Ecological interactions [117]
  1. BTEX benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene; PCB polychlorinated biphenyls; As arsenic; Cd cadmium; Cr chromium, Cu copper; C carbon, N nitrogen; P phosphorus