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Fig. 2 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Fig. 2

From: Improving fertilizer-depot exploitation and maize growth by inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria: from lab to field

Fig. 2

Root length density within (a) or outside (b) the NH4-Depot or corresponding soil zone (Rhizobox). NO3-Mixed Ca(NO3)2 homogenously mixed in substrate; NH4-Depot stabilized (NH4)2SO4 placed in substrate as a depot, BE bio-effector, NoBE no bio-effector, BE1 Pseudomonas sp. DSMZ 13134. Different letters between N levels show a significant N-effect, ***P < 0.001 (Two-way ANOVA, Tukey test, α = 0.05). There was no BE-effect within the NH4-Depot zone. For RLD outside the zone, NO3-Mixed was higher than NH4-Depot (P = 0.04) and NoBE was higher than BE1 (P = 0.03)

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