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Table 2 Secondary metabolites produced by Streptomyces species, main bioactivity property, and their genes and structural organization

From: Plant growth promotion by streptomycetes: ecophysiology, mechanisms and applications

Streptomyces species Secondary metabolite Bioactivity Genetic basis References
S. clavuligerus Clavulanic acid Antibiotic herABCDEFG genes [156]
S. coelicolor Actinorhodin Antibiotic abeABCD; α-abeA genes [157]
S. griseus Streptomycin Antibiotic strFGHIK genes [158]
S. hygroscopicus Geldanamycin Antitumor ahba-B locus [159]
S. hygroscopicus var. ascomyceticus Ascomycin Immunosuppressant; neurotrophic; antifungal FK520 gene cluster [160]
S. thioluteus Aureothin Antitumor; antifungal; insecticidal aur operon (aurA through aurI) [161]
S. venezuelae Chloramphenicol Antibiotic sven0916-sven0928 gene cluster [162]
S. violaceusniger Meridamycin Neuroprotectant merA-D; mere; merP genes [163]
S. viridochromogenes Tu¨494 Phosphinothricin tripeptide Herbicide phsB; orfM; phsC; pmi; ppm; ppd; phsA; pat; dea; prpA [164]
S. griseus Griseobactin Siderophore dhbACEBG operon [165]
S. scabiei Indole-3-acetic acid Auxin iaaM; iaaH [166]