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Fig. 2

From: Potential of three microbial bio-effectors to promote maize growth and nutrient acquisition from alternative phosphorous fertilizers in contrasting soils

Fig. 2

Normalized aboveground biomass for the different trials: 1-Buus Switzerland (a), 2-Castel Italy (b), 3-Humpolec Czech R. (c), 4-Lukavec Czech R. (d), 5-Vörden Germany (e), 6-Taastrup Denmark (f). Bars represent the mean of five replicates (n = 4 for e, and n = 3 for f). Error bars represent SEM. BE treatments (BE1-3) resulting in a significantly higher normalized biomass compared to the BE0 control within each P fertilizer treatment and within each trial are indicated with an asterisk (*Tukey’s test with P < 0.05). See Tables 3 and 4 for explanation of BE and P treatment abbreviations

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