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Table 7 Aboveground P concentration (mg/g)

From: Potential of three microbial bio-effectors to promote maize growth and nutrient acquisition from alternative phosphorous fertilizers in contrasting soils

  BE0 BE1 BE2 BE3
 Control P0 1.57a 1.45ab 1.44ab 1.29b
 TSP 1.97a 1.85a 1.89a 1.77a
 RP 1.42a 1.49a 1.63a 1.44a
 FrDi 1.87ab 1.97a 1.94a 1.72b
 Comp-CH 1.76a 1.95a 1.91a 1.91a
2-Castel Volturno
 Control P0 0.96c 1.01bc 1.40a 1.15b
 TSP 1.00a 0.81b 0.84ab 0.85ab
 RP 1.00a 0.98a 1.01a 1.15a
 C-MComp 1.20b 1.27b 1.50a 1.39ab
 H-MComp 1.13b 1.12b 1.48a 1.35ab
 Control P0 1.03a 1.03a 1.26a 1.04a
 TSP 1.28a 1.27a 1.29a 1.25a
 RP 1.03a 1.01a 1.26a 1.07a
 Control P0 0.88a 0.78a 1.10a 0.98a
 TSP 1.19a 1.19a 1.04a 1.11a
 RP 0.99a 0.92a 0.82a 1.21a
 Control P0 1.12a n.a. 0.76b 1.14a
 TSP 1.06a n.a. 0.68b 1.15a
 RP 1.28a n.a. 0.94b 1.05b
 SS-DE 1.23ab n.a. 1.58a 1.16b
 SSA-DE 1.15b n.a. 1.62a 1.14b
 Comp-DE 1.45a n.a. 1.84a 1.58a
 LSD/SSA 0.75b n.a. 1.17a 1.03a
 Control P0 1.99a n.a. 1.71b n.a.
 SS-DK 2.49a n.a. 2.28a n.a.
 SSA-DK 2.15a n.a. 2.31a n.a.
  1. For each row, means which are followed by different letters are significantly different (Tukey’s HSD test P < 0.05, performed within each P treatment and for each soil)
  2. n.a. means not applicable