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Table 1 Summary of species, biostimulant, and stress effect

From: The role of biostimulants and bioeffectors as alleviators of abiotic stress in crop plants

Type of BE Crop Stress and effect Reference
A. brasilense T. aestivum Drought tolerance [16, 17]
A. brasilense C. arietinum Salt tolerance [18]
A. brasilense V. faba Salt tolerance [18]
A. brasilense L. sativa Salt tolerance [19, 20]
A. brasilense T. aestivum Salt and osmotic stress [21]
A. brasilense L. lycopersicum Drought tolerance [22]
A. brasilense/P. dispersa C. annuum Salt tolerance [23]
A. chrococcum Z. mays Salt tolerance [24]
A. chrococcum T. aestivum Salt tolerance [25]
A. chrococcum T. aestivum Temperature tolerance [26, 27]
A. lipoferum T. aestivum Salt tolerance [28]
A. nodosum Kappaphycus alvarezii Cold tolerance [29]
A. nodosum P. dulcis Ion homeostasis [30]
A. nodosum C. sinensis Drought tolerance [31]
B. phytofirman, Vitis vinifera Cold tolerance [32, 33]
F. glaciei Solanum lycopersicum Cold tolerance [34]
Fulvic and humic acids F. arundinacea Drought tolerance [35, 36]
Fulvic and humic acids A. palustris Drought tolerance [37]
Glycinebetaine L. lycopersicum Chilling stress [38]
H. diazotrophicus H. vulgare Salt tolerance [39]
Humic acid and phosporous C. annuum Salt tolerance and ion homeostasis [40]
Humic acids O. sativa Oxidative and drought stress [41]
Humic acids P. vulgaris Salt tolerance [42]
Megafol L. lycopersicum Drought tolerance [43]
Melatonin Z. mays Chilling tolerance [44]
P. frederiksbergensis Solanum lycopersicum Cold tolerance [34]
P. putida T. aestivum Heat tolerance [45]
P. putida S. bicolor Heat tolerance [46]
P. vancouverensis Solanum lycopersicum Cold tolerance [34]
P.dispersa T. aestivum Cold tolerance [47]
Protein hydrolysates H. vulgare Ion homeostasis [48]
Protein hydrolysates Z. mays Salt tolerance [49]
Protein hydrolysates T. aestivum Heavy metal tolerance [50]
Protein hydrolysates L. sativa Salt tolerance, cold tolerance [51, 52]
Protein hydrolysates D. kaki/D. lotus Salt tolerance [53]
Protein hydrolysates Lolium perenne Heat tolerance [51]
R. leguminosarum V. faba Salt tolerance [54]
R. leguminosarum P. sativum Salt tolerance [54]
SWE A. thaliana Cold tolerance [55, 56]
SWE P. pratensis Salt tolerance [57]
SWE A. stolonifera Heat tolerance [58]
SWE S. oleracea Drought tolerance [59]
SWE L. sativa Ion homeostasis [60]
SWE V. vinifera Drought tolerance and ion homeostasis [61]
SWE S. nipponica Drought tolerance [62]
SWE P. eugenioides Drought tolerance [62]
SWE Z. mays Cold tolerance [63]