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Table 4 Effects of treatments on nodulation (nodule number, NN; and nodule dry weight, NDW)

From: Mixed rhizobia and Herbaspirillum seropedicae inoculations with humic acid-like substances improve water-stress recovery in common beans

Treatments Grafite-2012 Bonus-2013
NN (no plant−1) NDW (mg plant−1) NN(no plant−1) NDW (mg plant−1)
Control 32 Ba 18 Bb 440 Ba 368 Bb 38 Ba 20 Bb 100 Ba 75 Bb
R. tropici 40 Aa 26 Ab 695 Aa 533 Ab 55 Aa 32 Ab 114 Aa 86 ABb
R.tropici co-in 40 Aa 24 Ab 680 Aa 523 Ab 53 Aa 32 Ab 116 Aa 98 Ab
N-fertilizer 13 Ca 09 Cb 250 Aa 163 Cb 14 Ca 09 Ca 41 Ca 27 Cb
  1. Means (n = 4) from a same column followed by different capital letters and from same row followed by different letters are significantly different (p ≤ 0.05, LSD test)
  2. Common beans cultivars Grafite and Bonus grown in two different regimes of water (continuous irrigation at 24% of humidity CI; water deficit (WD) induced after flowering until 13% humidity)
  3. Control non-inoculated, R. tropici inoculated with Rhizobium tropici (‘BR322’, ‘BR520’, and ‘BR534’), R.tropici co-in co-inoculation with R. tropici and H. seropedicae (HRC54) and humic acids-like, N-fertilizer non-inoculated and with urea application