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Table 1 Compositions of emulsions and of external media used for beads’ preparation

From: Encapsulation of a free-solvent extract of lycopene in alginate-Ca(II) beads containing sugars and biopolymers

Emulsions Gelling solutions System
Alginate 10 g/kg Trehalose 200 g/kg Biopolymer 2.5 g/kg Calcium chloride 25 g/kg Trehalose 200 g/kg Biopolymer
Initial solution of encapsulant agents:lycopene extract (2:1)
 X X A
 X X X X A-T
 X X X X Chitosan 5 g/kg A-TCh
 X X Pectin X X AP-T
 X X Arabic gum X X AAG-T
  1. The abbreviation employed for each bead system was also indicated