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Table 1 Influence of ABA applied at fruit set and at veraison on the yield of olive fruit

From: Effect of the exogenous application of abscisic acid (ABA) at fruit set and at veraison on cell ripeness of olives Olea europaea L. and the extractability of phenolic compounds in virgin olive oil

Treatment Control ABA (N) ABA (V)
Number of fruits per branch 94.7 ± 7.4a 49.7 ± 5.7b 96.33 ± 15a
% Of fruit per branch 100 ± 0a 52.8 ± 8.8b 101.4 ± 8.5a
  1. a,bValues followed by different letters are significantly different (P = 0.05)
  2. ABA (N) treatment at fruit set, ABA (V) treatment at veraison