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Table 3 Effect of the method of biostimulant application on sugarcane yield, total solid content in the juice (Brix), and N content of leaves in plant growth

From: The biostimulant manufactured using diazotrophic endophytic bacteria and humates is effective to increase sugarcane yield

  Plant growth
Control Furrow Foliar spray
  Stalk yield (Mg ha−1)
  72.0b 68.4b 92.7a
Increase in relation to the control (%) 28.8
C.V. (%) 4.5   
  Brix (°Bx)
  22.2 22.0 22.5
C.V. (%) 3.6   
  Total N content in leaves (kg ha−1)
  208 202 211
C.V. (%) 6.3   
  1. The harvest was done at 18 months after planting
  2. Average values followed by different letters are distinct by Fisher’s LSD test (p < 0.05). The increase in relation to the control was calculated by 100 * (x − y)/y, where x is the average of treatment and y is the average of control. C.V. (%) is the coefficient of variation of the experiment