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Table 4 Effect of time of foliar application of biostimulant on sugarcane yield of plant growth and the first and second ratoons

From: The biostimulant manufactured using diazotrophic endophytic bacteria and humates is effective to increase sugarcane yield

  Stalk yield (Mg ha−1)
Control 60 dap 90 dap 60 + 90 dap
  Plant growth
  72.0c 98.5a 86.7b 93.0a
Increase in relation to the control (%) 37% 20% 29%
C.V. (%) 6.6
  1st ratoon
  63.9 66.9 66.2 65.0
C.V. (%) 6.15
  2nd ratoon
  67.1c 83.4a 78.1b 82.3a
Increase in relation to the control (%) 24% 16% 23%
C.V. (%) 6.2
  1. The treatments consist of the application of water (control) and biostimulant at a rate of 450 L ha−1, applied one time at 60 and 90 days after planting and two times (60 plus 90 days after planting, dap)
  2. Average values followed by different letters are distinct by Fisher’s LSD test (p < 0.05). The increase in relation to the control was calculated by 100 * (x – y)/y, where x is the average of treatment and y is the average of control. C.V. (%) is the coefficient of variation of the experiment