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Table 5 Nemerow indices after bioremediation at Renny and Bindura mine dump sites

From: Pyritic metals sequestration on mine dumps treated with oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus, Fr.)

Trt Renny mine Bindura mine
Mn2+ Cr2+ Pb2+ Fe3+ Cd2+ Mn2+ Cr2+ Pb2+ Fe3+ Cd2+
Trt2 0.79a 6.72a 15.71a 2.65a 2.69a 0.76a 6.81a 15.43a 2.56a 2.70a
Trt3 0.44b 3.75b 2.26b 1.28b 1.93b 0.42b 3.78b 2.27b 1.36b 1.78b
Trt4 0.67a 6.79a 15.74a 2.63a 2.66a 0.66a 6.75a 15.59a 2.53a 2.64a
Trt5 0.11c 1.54c 1.21c 0.68c 0.38c 0.18c 1.65c 1.33c 0.57c 0.39c
Lsd (5%) 0.16 1.89 0.95 0.44 0.93 0.20 0.25 0.40 0.38 0.25
Cv% 4.40 7.00 6.40 6.60 9.10 4.70 5.20 8.10 7.10 8.00
  1. Superscripts indicate mean separations that are significant