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Table 7 Potential ecological risk indices after bioremediation at Renny and Bindura mine dump sites

From: Pyritic metals sequestration on mine dumps treated with oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus, Fr.)

Trt Renny mine Bindura mine
Mn2+ Cr2+ Pb2+ Fe3+ Cd2+ Mn2+ Cr2+ Pb2+ Fe3+ Cd2+
Trt2 141a 282a 658a 451a 343a 143a 285a 662a 449a 344a
Trt3 112b 137b 317b 133b 145b 115b 146b 316b 139b 142b
Trt4 141a 281a 656a 453a 339a 144a 273a 663a 453a 338a
Trt5 101c 112c 125c 114c 114c 100c 114c 121c 117c 114c
Lsd (5%) 12 24 34 19 43 13 24 36 18 43
Cv% 4 7 6 6.6 9 5 5 8 7 8
  1. Superscripts indicate mean separations that are significant