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Table 8 Comprehensive potential ecological harm index after the bioremediation

From: Pyritic metals sequestration on mine dumps treated with oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus, Fr.)

Treatments Trojan mine Freda-Rebecca mine Renny mine Bindura mine
\(E_{\text{r}}^{i}\) RI \(E_{\text{r}}^{i}\) RI \(E_{\text{r}}^{i}\) RI \(E_{\text{r}}^{i}\) RI
Trt2 170a 456a 172a 459a 175a 460a 166a 460a
Trt3 56b 211b 57b 220b 59b 210b 58b 213b
Trt4 182a 453a 182a 458a 181a 457a 180a 454a
Trt5 36c 113c 34c 119c 39c 109c 39c 117c
Lsd (5%) 10 15 12 9 8 11 12 8
Cv% 9 11 11 9 15 7 10 11
  1. Superscripts indicate mean separations that are significant