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Fig. 1

From: Densely rooted rhizosphere hotspots induced around subsurface NH4 +-fertilizer depots: a home for soil PGPMs?

Fig. 1

Root length around the NH4 +-depot at 36 (a) and 56 (b) days after planting. Different letters show significant difference between treatments (P < 0.05) (mean ± SEM, n = 4, One Way ANOVA, Tukey test, α = 0.05). Bold letters: total root length; small letters: root length within radial zones around the depot only if differences were significant. Brown, yellow and green sections of bars represent root growth at radial zones 0–4 cm, 4–8 cm and > 8 cm from the depot, respectively. Numbers within bars represent root length per unit surface area on the rhizobox window (cm cm−2)

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