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Table 1 List of PGPMs

From: Densely rooted rhizosphere hotspots induced around subsurface NH4 +-fertilizer depots: a home for soil PGPMs?

Nr. Active microorganism Product name Supplier Recommended solid nutrient media
1 Bacillus atrophaeus ABiTEP GmbH, Berlin, Germany Nutrient agar (NA)
2 Bacillus simplex R41 ABiTEP GmbH, Berlin, Germany NA
3 Bacillus spec. ABiTEP GmbH, Berlin, Germany NA
4 Penicillium sp. PK 112 Biological Fertilizer DC Bayer Crop Science, Germany Malt extract peptone agar (MEP)
5 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 RhizoVital® 42 ABiTEP GmbH, Berlin, Germany Deutsche Einheitsverfahren Agar (DEV) and NA
6 Pseudomonas sp. DSMZ 13134 Proradix® WP Sourcon Padena, Tübingen, Germany King’s B medium (KM)
7 Trichoderma harzianum OmG08 Hochschule Anhalt, Bernburg, Germany MEP
8 Trichoderma harzianum Trichoderma-WG Bayer Crop Science, Germany MEP
9 Trichoderma harzianum T50 Vitalin T50 Vitalin Pflanzengesundheit GmbH, Ober-Ramstadt, Germany MEP
10 Trichoderma harzianum T-22 (only in tests ± nitrification inhibitor DMPP) Trianum-P Koppert Biological Systems B.V., The Netherlands MEP