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Table 1 Application of enzymes in the production of fresh noodles and CSB

From: Food additives and technologies used in Chinese traditional staple foods

Enzymes Function properties Dosage References
Fresh noodles CSB Fresh noodles CSB
Alpha amylase Enhance dough fermentation, texture and sensory properties Improving specific volume, internal structure and crumb texture 60 mg/kg
24 mL/100 kg
< 30 mg/kg [87,88,89]
Glucose Enhance appearance, chewiness, smoothness, cooking tolerance and whiteness Soft crumb, high whiteness and delayed staling 20–40 mg/kg 20 mg/kg [91,92,93,94]
Lipase Enhance appearance, whiteness, and elasticity; flavor generation   60 mg/kg   [92]
Xylanase (XynA)   Improving specific volume and hardness   120 U/kg [98]
Transglutaminase Reducing water absorption and cooking loss   0.01% (buckwheat noodle)   [102, 103]
Enhancing hardness and tensile force   2% (YAN)