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Table 8 Influence of ethephon on the contents of various fractions of pectin (µg galacturonic acids/g dry matter) of olives during ripening

From: Effect of ethephon application on the cellular maturity of Olea europaea L. and on the extractability of phenolic compounds in virgin olive oil

Samples Treatment
Soluble pectins (µg galacturonic acids/g dry matter) Protopectins (µg galacturonic acids/g dry matter)
Control Ethephon (N) Ethephon (V) Control Ethephon (N) Ethephon (V)
09-September 1846a 1967a 18604a 14537b
21-September 1928a 2113a 1614b 12888a 9790b 16477c
03-October 1771a 2190b 2081b 11613a 9165b 8996b
14-October 2525a 2442a 2452a 9288a 6014b 5650b
25-October 2934a 2841a 2792a 7150a 3106b 3628b
07-November 3011 6239
19-November 3198 4572
  1. a, bValues followed by different letters are significantly different (P = 0.05)
  2. Ethephon (N): treatment at fruit set; ethephon (V): treatment at veraison