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Fig. 3

From: Genetic diversity, microbiological study and composition of soil associated with wild Pleurotus ostreatus from different locations in Ondo and Ekiti States, Nigeria

Fig. 3

Dendrogram of wild P. ostreatus from different geographic areas and labeled as 1: P. ostreatus from Ala quarters in Akure; 2: P. ostreatus from Igbatoro Road in Akure; 3: P. ostreatus from Ido-Ekiti; 4: P. ostreatus from Usi-Ekiti; and 5: P. ostreatus from Ado-Ekiti based on polymorphic RAPD markers showing genomic diversity of fungal strains using neighbor-joining cluster analysis method produced from Jacquard estimates with NTSYS Spc Version 2.02

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