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Fig. 3 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Fig. 3

From: Identification and antimicrobial activity of most representative secondary metabolites from different plant species

Fig. 3

Total ion current (TIC) obtained using LC–ESI-FTICR MS in positive ionization of an ethanol extract obtained from representative flowers of C. sativa accession “Eletta campana”. The insets show the mass spectra corresponding to peaks of CBD (found at m/z 315.23159), THC (found at m/z 315.23148), and CBDa (found at m/z 359.22126). CBN (occurring at 12.3 min) is not of significant concentration (see Table 1). The wide peak at 7.4 min corresponds to cannabidivarin (CBDV, C19H26O2, found at m/z 287.20056) a homologue of CBD with the side chain shortened by two methylene bridges

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