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Table 2 Effects of farming system and planting time on the quality of broad bean seeds

From: Plant–Rhizobium symbiosis, seed nutraceuticals, and waste quality for energy production of Vicia faba L. as affected by crop management

Treatment DR SS Fibera (mg g−1) TPa (mg g−1) PPa (mg g−1) AAa (mg g−1)
mg g−1 °Brix
Farming system
 Open field 190 8.5 218 269 30.1 0.769
 Greenhouse 193n.s. 8.9n.s. 240* 303* 25.4* 0.489*
Planting time
 27 September 171d 8.4c 220b 265c 31.7a 0.542c
 11 October 181c 8.6bc 222b 280bc 31.6a 0.594b
 25 October 197b 8.8ab 229ab 285b 25.8b 0.656a
 8 November 200b 8.9ab 235a 293ab 25.7b 0.663a
 22 November 209a 9.0a 239a 308a 24.5b 0.687a
  1. DR dry residue, SS soluble solids, fiber, TP total proteins, PP polyphenols, AA ascorbic acid, n.s. not statistically significant difference
  2. * Significant difference at p ≤ 0.05. Within each column, values followed by different letters are significantly different according to the Duncan test at p ≤ 0.05
  3. aOn dry weight basis