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Table 1 Result of phytochemical screening of different solvent extracts of Euclea schimperi leaves

From: Investigation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Euclea schimperi leaf extracts

Phytochemicals Types of extracts Color observed Reagents/methods used
Methanol Chloroform
Saponins +++ + Stable froth Froth test
Tannins +++ Yellow ppt Lead acetate test
Phenolics +++ + Blue black color Ferric chloride test
Flavonoids ++ Yellow ppt Lead acetate test
Terpenoids ++ Reddish brown ring CHCl3 + H2SO4
Steroids +++ Reddish brown color Sulfuric acid test
  1. +++: present in highest concentration, ++: present in high concentration, +: present in moderate concentration, −: absent [15, 22, 23]