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Table 1 Macro- and micro-features of fungi isolates from Yam (Discorea rotundata)

From: Antifungal effect of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of neem leaves, stem bark and seeds on fungal rot diseases of yam and cocoyam

S/no Isolates Colony characteristics Microscopy
1. Aspergillus ochareus Growth on PDA was rapid and fast. Powdery yellow colour almost covering the plates after 72 h Non-septate conidiophores arising from thick-walled foot cells. Each conidiophore ends in a terminal-enlarged spherical swellings. Conidia borne by phialides arising from a terminal swelling on the conidiophores
2. Lasiodiplodia theobromae Dirty white with black underneath Mycelium are septate; chlamydospores are intercalary and terminal
3. Sclerotium rolfsii Colony is brown to black, globose and compact Mycelium lack conidia. Mycelium usually light and straight