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Table 2 Average plant growth parameters at 10 and 20 dpi (days post-inoculation)

From: Endophytic fungi Beauveria bassiana Balsamo accelerates growth of common bean (Phaeseolus vulgaris L.)

Treatment Plant height (cm) Number of leaves (sheet) Root length (cm)
10 dpi 20 dpi 10 dpi 20 dpi 10 dpi 20 dpi
Control of seed-soaking 17.75a 41.75a 6.50a 15.75a 8.75a 23.25a
Control of leaf-spraying 32.25bc 54.50abc 11.75ab 21.75ab 21.75b 33.25b
Control of soil-wetting 25.25ab 60.00bc 9.00a 25.25bc 24.00b 36.00b
Seed-soaking 20.00ab 51.00ab 6.50a 20.75ab 9.50a 31.00ab
Leaf-spraying 43.50cd 67.75c 16.75bc 29.00c 30.00c 38.25b
Soil-wetting 49.25d 68.50c 19.25c 29.75c 32.25c 40.50b
  1. Numbers followed by the same letter in a column are not significantly different at the Duncan test (p = 0.05); data are transformed using the formula (√ (x + 0.5)) for the purposes of statistical analysis