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Table 5 Human risk assessment

From: Anthraquinone in Indonesian infusion tea: analysis by HPLC–UV and risk assessment

Measured concentration 44.23 μg/L
Infusion tea ingested rate of Indonesian (IR) 0.38 kg/year (or 190 cups/year or 0.38 L/year)
Exposure frequency (EF) 365 days/year
Exposure duration (ED) 70 years (adult)
Body weight (BW) 70 kg
Average lifespan 25,550 day (adult)
Chronic daily intake (CDI) 6.57824 × 10−5 mg/kg day
Oral reference dose 0.002 mg/kg daya
HAZARD quotient (HQ) 0.033
Provisional oral slope factor (P-OSF) 0.04 mg/kg daya
Age-dependent adjustment fact (ADAF) 1 (> 16 years old)
Carcinogenic risk (R) 2.63 × 10−6
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