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Table 1 Linear mixed-effect model results for different fungal and plant responses measured after vines were either trimmed or not, and from different areas of the root system

From: The effect of root pruning on the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in grapevine rootstocks

Factor Effect
Trimming treatment Upper vs. lower roots Interaction
mtDNA concentration 0.222 0.204 0.036
Arbuscules 0.765 0.004 0.979
Vesicles 0.302 < 0.001 0.997
Total colonization 0.629 0.004 0.721
Aboveground mass 0.039 N/A N/A
Root mass 0.176 N/A N/A
  1. N/A refers to comparisons that were not applicable
  2. The lmer package (from the lme4 package) was used to determine differences in response due to a trimming treatment and between root areas (for mycorrhizal measures), including their interaction. Rootstock included as a random factor, not shown due to lack of interaction. Italicized values indicate significance at p = 0.05