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Table 8 Elementary characterization of LRC and sediment used for the formulation of CSB3 (ASTM D5373 protocol for instrumental CHNOS determination) and close analysis: (technique: thermogravimetry)

From: Design of a bio-conditioner prototype for the treatment of degraded soils: biomass production and lignite formulation for Microbacterium sp. CSB3

Elementary speciesLRCSediment
 C (%p/p)41.470.296.150.43
 N (%p/p)2.570.171.160.03
 H (%p/p)1.540.040.450.04
 O (%p/p)31.3910.31
 S (%p/p)0.590.020.120.01
 P (mg kg−1)0.0090.00040.0510.001
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 Humidity (%)14.732.92
 Volatile material (%)35.5915.27
 Fixed carbon (%)27.240.0
 Ash (%)22.4481.81
  1. DE standard deviation per sample