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Table 3 Effects of different lead (Pb) levels of nutrient solution on root and shoot concentrations of Pb (mg kg−1 DW) in young and mature plants of garden cress

From: Plant growth stage influences heavy metal accumulation in leafy vegetables of garden cress and sweet basil

(mg L−1)Shoot PbRoot Pb
Young plantsMature plantsYoung plantsMature plants
Pb 00.04 ± 0.02c0.35 ± 0.13c0c0c
Pb 516.3 ± 3.06b10.8 ± 1.9b239 ± 24b196 ± 18b
Pb 1027.8 ± 3.12a17.9 ± 2.6a315 ± 30a311 ± 29a
  1. In each plant and for a given trait, means with at least one common letter are not significantly different at 5% level of Duncan's multiple range test