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Table 6 The results of paired t test for comparing the research variables for one hectare of wheat before and after using the local rich compost

From: Adoption of pro-environmental behaviors among farmers: application of Value–Belief–Norm theory

PropertiesBefore the compost consumptionAfter the compost consumptiontSig. level
MeanStandard deviationMeanStandard deviation
Yield (ton/ha)4.141.495.72.1810.090.001
Fertilizer costs (million Rial)4.154.613.234.391.190.25
Fertilizers consumption (kg/ha)460.75326.84272.31179.45.20.001
Water (m3/ha)13,312.54725.2310,625.375351.773.980.001
Seed consumption (kg/ha)313.86115.45258.3499.995.890.036