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Table 7 The items of environmental behaviors of farmers in terms of local rich compost production

From: Adoption of pro-environmental behaviors among farmers: application of Value–Belief–Norm theory

Environmental behaviorMeanSDItemsMeanSD
   Attending in extension classes about compost3.851
Environmental activism4.080.82Supporting the organizations in promoting compost use4.30.92
   Accepting the rules regarding bank facilities granting3.111.39
Passive behaviors in public domain3.710.95Supporting the encouraging policies about compost production4.280.97
   Green fertilizers use in the farm3.521.15
Environmentalism in special domain3.330.61Compost use for soil fertility3.691.07
   Crop residue burning1.871.21
   Chemical fertilizers and pesticides use recommended3.841.07
   Crop residue to compost transformation and using in the farm3.731.16
   Keeping wastes for transforming to compost3.811.19
Organizational activities3.480.64Purchasing agricultural wastes from farmers to changing to the compost2.681.21
   Rich compost use beside chemical fertilizers3.971.02
Total environmental behavior3.650.64   
  1. Mean range: 1–5