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Table 1 The geographic characteristics of the studied sites

From: Variability in chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oil of Rosa × damascena Herrm. from mountainous regions of Iran

Site Longitude Latitude Altitude (m)
Maragh N 35˚ 54ʹ 34ʺ E 51˚ 09ʹ 15ʺ 1750
Qamsar N 33˚ 44ʹ 49ʺ E 51˚ 26ʹ 25ʺ 1900
Sedeh N 33˚ 50ʹ 40ʺ E 51˚ 09ʹ 08ʺ 2000
Javinan N 33˚ 41ʹ 22ʺ E 51˚ 26ʹ 48ʺ 2090
Kamoo N 33˚ 37ʹ 20ʺ E 51˚ 16ʹ 18ʺ 2460