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Table 3 Physiological and biochemical traits of coriander under fertilization treatments

From: Growth, biochemical quality and antioxidant capacity of coriander leaves under organic and inorganic fertilization programs

Treatments Leaf SPAD values Shoot FW (g/pot) Root FW (g/pot) Shoot DW (g/pot) Root DW (g/pot) Leaf flavonoids (mg/100 g FW) Leaf total phenols (mg GAE/g FW)
Control 11.8c 13.3c 19.8d 1.50c 1.95c 4.2b 1.1ab
NPK fertilizer 16.6b 24.2a 81.1a 3.26a 6.33a 6.3a 1.2ab
Manure 15.5bc 17.7b 73.4ab 2.36b 5.89a 4.9b 0.9b
Vermicompost 20.7a 22.3ab 68.2bc 3.20a 5.84a 6.8a 1.3a
Biophosphate 12.6bc 12.7c 57.5c 1.53c 4.07b 4.7b 1.0ab
Glycine 16.2b 20.0ab 78.6ab 2.83ab 5.30ab 6.6a 1.2ab
P value ** ** ** ** ** ** *
  1. ** and * mean significant treatments effect at 1% and 5% level, respectively
  2. The means with at least one common letter are not statistically different at 5% level of Duncan’s multiple range test