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Table 4 Leaf mineral concentrations of coriander under different fertilization treatments

From: Growth, biochemical quality and antioxidant capacity of coriander leaves under organic and inorganic fertilization programs

Treatments Leaf N (% DW) Leaf K (% DW) Leaf P (% DW) Leaf Ca (% DW) Leaf Fe (mg/kg DW) Leaf Zn (mg/kg DW)
Control 2.0b 1.6ab 0.26b 1.97b 44.2b 33.1b
NPK fertilizer 2.7a 2.0a 0.30ab 2.13ab 43.1b 34.5b
Manure 1.8b 1.6b 0.27b 1.47c 50.2ab 37.3ab
Vermicompost 2.8a 2.1a 0.37a 2.63a 56.6a 44.8a
Biophosphate 2.1b 1.8ab 0.26b 1.77bc 45.7b 35.3b
Glycine 2.6a 2.2a 0.35a 2.5a 59.3a 42.7ab
P value ** * * * * *
  1. ** and * mean significant treatments effect at 1% and 5% level, respectively
  2. The means with at least one common letter are not statistically different at 5% level of Duncan’s multiple range test