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Table 1 Basic characteristics of the arid soil collected from a long-term organically managed peach orchard and used for the current study

From: Effect of biochar addition on legacy phosphorus availability in long-term cultivated arid soil

Properties Value
SOC (%) 1.03
Total N (mg kg−1) 910
Total P (mg kg−1) 5577.3
Available P (mg kg−1) 74.1
NH4–N (mg kg−1) 8.41
NO3–N (mg kg−1) 19.61
pH 7.58
EC (ds m−1) 4.61
CaCO3 (%) 4.0
Sand (%) 79.2
Silt (%) 8.8
Clay (%) 12.0
  1. SOC: soil organic carbon; EC: electrical conductivity; CaCO3: calcium carbonate