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Figure 2 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Figure 2

From: Characterization of terrestrial dissolved organic matter fractionated by pH and polarity and their biological effects on plant growth

Figure 2

Characteristics of the optical measurements taken for each sample, showing a) the UV/Vis absorbance spectra for the samples at 4–5 mg/L C; b) the absorbance at 254 nm across the DOC range of 0.5-8 mg/L C; c) the EEMs humic-like peak A integrations (Ex 240–300 nm, Em 400–500 nm) across the DOC range of 0.5-8 mg/L C; and the full EEMs spectra of the d) whole, e) acid-soluble, and f) acid-insoluble samples at approximately 5 mg/L C. Calculations from the optical measurements are given in Table 1.

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