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New Content ItemSoil nutrient recycling, conservation and engineering for sustainable agriculture
Edited by Hon-Ming Lam 
Open for submissions

Micro and nanoplastics in the agricultural environmentMicro and nanoplastics in the agricultural environment: assessing fate and ecological impacts
Edited by Edoardo Puglisi and Esperanza Huerta Lwanga
Open for submissions

Mass Spectrometry for Plant Applications / Image: © ipopba / Getty Images / iStockMass Spectrometry for Plant Applications
Edited by: Dr Randy Purves

Open for submissions

The scientific bases of biodynamic agricultureThe scientific bases of biodynamic agriculture
Edited by: Prof Alessandro Piccolo

Open for submissions

Published Collections

Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi: prospects and new directionsArbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi: prospects and new directions
Edited by: Prof Vincenza Cozzolino

Published in 2019

Magnetic Resonance in AgricultureMagnetic Resonance in Agriculture
Edited by: Prof Pierluigi Mazzei

Published in 2017

Bioeffectors for a sustainable intensification of AgricultureBioeffectors for a sustainable intensification of Agriculture
Edited by: Prof Günter Neumann

Published in 2016

HA/NOM Structure and BioactivityHA/NOM Structure and Bioactivity
Edited by: Dr Marios Drosos

Published in 2015

CEFood 2014 - Food Chain IntegrationCEFood 2014 - Food Chain Integration
Edited by: Prof Vladimir Kakurinov

Published in 2015

Biomass Usage in BrazilBiomass Usage in Brazil
Edited by: Dr Silvio Vaz Jr

Published in 2014

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