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Figure 5 | Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture

Figure 5

From: Characterization of terrestrial dissolved organic matter fractionated by pH and polarity and their biological effects on plant growth

Figure 5

The van Krevelen diagrams showing the alignment of the molecular formulae in each sample, for a) the whole, unfractionated sample, the b) acid-soluble and c) acid-insoluble portions, as well as the d) hydrophilic C18 filtrate and e) hydrophobic C18 retentate. Data points are colored according to heteroatom composition, where black points are CHO-only, and red, blue, and green points are CHON, CHOS, and CHONS formulae, respectively. Regions for specific biomolecular compound classes are given, and the averaged mass spectral calculations are shown in TableĀ 3.

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