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Table 1 Treatments (field experiments 2014 and 2015)

From: Improving fertilizer-depot exploitation and maize growth by inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria: from lab to field

  Starter N and P Additional P Additional N BE
Treatments 2014
 1 Zero
 2 +P MAP TSP NH4-Broad
 3 NH4-Broad MAP NH4-Broad
 4 NH4-Broad*BE1 MAP NH4-Broad BE1
 5 NH4-Broad*BE2 MAP NH4-Broad BE2
 6 NH4-Depot MAP NH4-Depot
 7 NH4-Depot*BE1 MAP NH4-Depot BE1
 8 NH4-Depot*BE2 MAP NH4-Depot BE2
Treatments 2015
 1 Zero
 2 +P DAP TSP NH4-Broad
 3 NH4-Broad DAP NH4-Broad
 4 NH4-Broad*BE1 DAP NH4-Broad BE1
 5 NH4-Broad*BE2 DAP NH4-Broad BE2
 6 NH4-Depot DAP NH4-Depot
 7 NH4-Depot*BE1 DAP NH4-Depot BE1
 8 NH4-Depot*BE2 DAP NH4-Depot BE2
  1. Starter (starter fertilizers placed 5 × 5 cm to seeds) MAP mono-ammonium phosphate, 17 kg N and 35 kg P ha−1, DAP di-ammonium phosphate, 28.8 kg N and 32 kg P ha−1, TSP triple superphosphate broadcasted and incorporated at 10 cm depth before sowing, 2014, 133 kg P; 2015, 130 kg P ha−1, NH4-Broad stabilized (NH4)2SO4 broadcasted over the crop canopy 2014, 135 kg N; broadcasted and incorporated before sowing 2015, 100 kg N ha−1, NH4-Depot stabilized concentrated (NH4)2SO4 solution in water placed as a depot at 10 cm soil depth, 2014, 135 kg N; 2015, 100 kg N ha−1, BE1 Pseudomonas sp. DSMZ 13134, BE2 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42; BE application: 2014, broadcast/incorporation 1 × 106 CFU g−1 soil DM; 2015, placement of a band of BE-treated pumice stones in the sowing row; 0.13 × 106 CFU g−1 soil DM