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Table 1 Reviews of portable NMR technologies and their applications in food science

From: Portable NMR in food analysis

Reference Food Focus Year
Guthausen et al. [36] Margarine; mayonnaise Measurements of fat content 2004
Guthausen et al. [37] Coffee cream Water moisture and fat analysis in packaged products 2006
Martini et al. [40] Vegetable oils Solid fat content determination 2005
Pedersen et al. [41] Vegetable oils Measurements of fat content 2003
Haiduc et al. [42] Fat emulsions Microstructural quality of packaged food emulsion 2007
Stork et al. [44] Bottled beverages Determination of dissolved oxygen in unopened table waters 2001
Xu et al. [46] Adulterated virgin olive oil Detection of the adulteration of virgin olive oil in sealed bottles 2014
Pinter et al. [48] Tomato paste Monitoring of spoilage in tomato paste processing industry 2014
Veliyulin et al. [43] Salmon Fat content in live fish 2005
Veliyulin et al. [28] Dairy products Measurements of fat content in packaged dairy products 2008
Capitani et al. [49] Kiwifruit Water status as a function of season 2010
Capitani et al. [50] Kiwifruit Monitoring of development and ripening 2013
Capitani et al. [51] Blueberry Monitoring of shelf life 2014
Adiletta et al. [52] Pear Monitoring of drying process 2015